Level Design

Level: Skyline

Download (Version: H) for Unreal Tournament 3

A Capture the Flag level set atop two large skyscrapers in a city environment. This capture the flag level was based on the aesthetic of the UT3 level DM-Gateway, and the layout draws on classic levels such as CTF-Face and CTF-Wootabulous, as traversing the area between the flags places the player in jeopardy of falling to their doom. This level was created partially as a showcase for my ConfigurableWeaponLocker actor, which is used in place of standard weapon placements throughout the level.

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Level: Xibalba

Download (Version: E) for Unreal Tournament 2004

A level set inside of an ancient Aztec-themed environment. This level serves as both an arena for Capture the Flag matches and as a setting for cooperative Invasion. The Invasion version of the level is provided here. This level showcases several custom-coded elements: Altered Health and Shield pickups (self-coded), the EONS Grenade Launcher (self-coded), the EONS Sniper Rifle (self-coded), Jump Boots, and level events triggered per-Invasion Wave as a proof-of-concept.

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Level: Frostdeck

Download (Version: B1) for Unreal Tournament 2004

A modification of the classic UT2004 level DM-Deck-17. This level was designed for the Freon (Freeze-tag) gametype. The original level’s industrial / molten-steel refinery theme is changed into a frosty, frozen-over aesthetic. The visual change is created entirely through the use of shader effects and emitters. Allowing players to walk across the ice (formerly lava) in the level changes the flow of the gameplay and makes many areas (such as the lower-level) much more open to player movement.

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Level: End

Download (Version: B2) for Unreal Tournament 2004

A level set in the last standing bunker on a desolate planet. This level was designed for the Invasion cooperative multiplayer gametype. Players are given a secure bunker to defend while waves of monsters spawn. Players must use teamwork and the resources and defenses at their disposal to survive all of the waves.

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Level: 2Tricky

Download (Version: RC2) for Unreal Tournament 2004

A modification of the classic UT2004 level ONS-Tricky. Changes were made to this level in order to accomodate large scale (16-32 player) Onslaught. Changes include the addition of new paths across the terrain (jump pads), and alteration of vehicle and weapon loadouts. This level incorporates a number of unique elements programmed by myself including: EONS Scorpion, EONS Hellbender, EONS Paladin, EONS EMP Deployer, EONS Grenade Launcher, and more. Custom coded actors were a strong element in improving the level’s performance and gameplay.

Contact Me: Wail@WailofSuicide.com

Project: Marathon: Resurrection

Download for Unreal Tournament. (Note: This is the download for the entire Marathon: Resurrection mod and it is quite large.)
Recommended: Alien Texture Patch (Replaces existing file.)

The Marathon: Resurrection Unreal Engine mod project was the largest undertaking I’d been involved with in Unreal Engine. I joined the project in 2005 with very little experience and the project was completed in 2007 after two years of full-time work. My involvement with the project initially began as creating one singleplayer map. However I ultimately had my hand in the creation of almost every singleplayer map in the project (27 total in the game). My involvement varied from placing and handling the behavior of enemies, or handling the triggered/interactive elements of a level (Story Terminals and Save Points), adjusting lighting and sound elements, or creation of a level start-to-finish.

In total I created twelve singleplayer levels entirely from the initial gameplay layout to finished version. I contributed to nine other levels, and I also finalized the entire singleplayer campaign by handling the triggering to tie the levels together. I also created a number of textures and 3D props for use in levels, and did minor Unrealscript work for the project.

Contact Me: Wail@WailofSuicide.com

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